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Welcome to
The Shiva Murti Learning Center 

Founded by Neil Aaron, Level 6 Gana Usadha Siwa Murti Healer and Lead Teacher, The Shiva Murti Learning Center offers many opportunities to become a Shiva Murti healer and grow yourself spiritually. Heal yourself, as well as family, friends, pets and clients. Shiva Murti, or Siwa Murti as it is also called, is an energy medicine healing modality that hails from Bali and helps ailments, injuries, diseases and conditions using energy. This school teaches you to tap into the energies and heal people in-person, remotely with pictures or on Zoom/FaceTime.

Siwa Murti is founded by High Priest Ratu Nabe in Bali. Neil works directly with him for these teachings and brings students to Bali. Students will learn directly from Ratu Nabe and be initiated by him.


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