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Ratu Nabe

Become a True Shiva Murti Healer

Neil Aaron

Be Of Service In A Way You Never Imagined Possible - Start Healing Stronger And Faster…

Heal yourself, family, friends and your clients. Heal old trauma, physical ailments, diseases and much more..

The Shiva Murti Learning Center offers many opportunities to become a Shiva Murti healer and grow yourself spiritually. Heal yourself, as well as family, friends, clients  and even pets. 


Shiva Murti, or Siwa Murti as it is also called, is an energy medicine healing modality that hails from Bali and helps ailments, injuries, diseases and conditions using energy. 


This school teaches you to tap into the energies and heal people in-person, remotely with pictures or on Zoom/FaceTime.

Shiva Murti is a life changing experience on so many levels. Learning this modality takes practice, connection and dedication. 

This sacred modality was created by High Priest and Master Teacher Ratu Nabe in Bali and is an enormous blessing to be able to receive these teachings.

It is a spiritual practice that requires an altar and a daily practice of approximately 15 mins.

We are looking for pure hearted students to carry this in America and other countries outside Bali with reverence to Ratu Nabe.


Why is Siwa Murti Becoming so Popular Over Other Modalities?


There are several differences with Siwa Murti than other modalities. 


For one, the strength and speed. Siwa Murti is one of, if not the most, powerful modalities out there.

It has shown very fast and strong results for emotional and physical issues. 

Many times sessions can last minutes and the results are 100%!

Siwa Murti also is different from most modalities, as it has a living Master Teacher and founder who my students have a direct lineage to through me. It hasn’t been passed down a hundred times over a hundred years.


Siwa Murti is new to the US and outside Bali, but this is spreading quickly and you can be one of the pioneers!

Siwa Murti Expands People Enormously

People with children love the idea of being a role model to their kids. Their families watch them courageously take on something amazing and turn into a superhero, being of service in this miraculous way. 

Parents feel so good to have these tools to heal their children and the children benefit greatly from having a parent as a "magic" healer. 

For others, what they want most is to be of service and spread healing and light in this world. To be of service in a way they never imagined possible. And to heal old trauma and their own physical ailments.

Most people want to learn Siwa Murti because they feel called to be a healer or already are one and want something stronger and faster. 

They also speak of how amazing this spiritual practice is and how changed their lives have become. 

They want to heal themselves and their families primarily. But the ones that have businesses want to add this to their business and have an entire new stream of income. 

Imagine the excitement about being able to tap into this energy and really being able to heal people so profoundly.


With Shiva Murti training, you are guaranteed a spiritual practice that will expand you greatly and help you tap into moving energy in all areas of your life.


Why Learn Shiva Murti with Neil Aaron?

Hi, my name is Neil Aaron, and I am one of THREE people who are Gana Usadha Sari (highest possible level) Siwa Murti healers who have been given permission from Ratu Nabe to teach his modality outside of Bali in the United States and beyond.

I’m also Founder and Head Teacher of The Shiva Murti Learning Center. 

With over 27 years teaching experience in my life, one thing is for sure - teaching is my passion. 

The teaching style is filled with information in a tangible and understandable way, while peppering in humor and storytelling. The learning environment is accessible for all, warm, nurturing, fun, informative, practical and with occasional laugh out loud moments.

Plus I’ve pioneered a ‘natural way’ to help you process all the information you need to learn in these classes so the learning sticks fast - getting information across to you regardless of learning styles and learning abilities, so whether you have learning disabilities or your learning styles are visual, auditory, kinaesthetic or read/write.

Most importantly, learn the TRUE Siwa Murti from the person the founder, Ratu Nabe has asked to teach it outside Bali.

How And Why The Shiva Murti Modality Works:


To use this modality, we follow a specific recipe and daily practice that I teach in Level 1. 

This practice connects us to universal energy and then we are able to pull that energy through to heal people.

We use test points when we work on someone in person and use photos or video for remote healings. 

We find the block or source of pain, ailment, disease, condition or injury. 

Next we, lock in the energy, blow it out onto the area where the block is. 

Then we send in the healing energy through our eyes, third eye, hands and mouth (blowing lightly). 

Next we pull out the negative energy, clear it off our hands and test the person again to see how much cleared. 

Sometimes it’s 100% and sometimes it’s not and will need to repeat that process. 

When things feel better but are not totally gone, sometimes it just needs some time and sometimes another session.



In Only 7 Weeks You Can Become a Certified Shiva Murti Healer


In only 7 short weeks you could start healing people and animals. To learn other healing modalities, it might take less time yet to get significant results for clients take a lot more time.

With Shiva Murti, you can be making a difference in your life, and other people’s lives in just seven weeks.

Heal traumas, pain, diseases and much more…

“Magic” doesn’t happen overnight and it might the few weeks more to sharpen your tools yet then you can be the one who your children will call the ‘magic healer’.

Seats for training are limited, and number of trainings per year are too. 

If you postpone your training, the longer you will wait, the longer it will take for you to help heal people you love and care about.

Next Private Group Class (6 weeks):



Next Group Class (7 weeks):

Thursday June 13th 2024

5-7PM PDT on Zoom

Private Classes and 1 on 1:

Please Inquire


To Be Able To Heal People Is Priceless

To be able to heal people is priceless, as is working on a loved one who is sick or in pain and having them be out of pain, not need surgery or their disease mysteriously disappears. 

This makes Shiva Murti one the most affordable investments ever.

You can recoup your investment in Shiva Murti very fast, here is how:

Normally you’d charge around $100 per session, yet unlike typical reiki, life coaching, hypnotherapy or NLP sessions which take about 60min, Shiva Murti healing sessions can last only about 15 min!

Plus to get to the level when you can charge $100 for your reiki, life coaching, hypnotherapy or NLP sessions - it takes quite a bit of time and hundreds of hours of practice. There is a period of time of practice before charging to hold the integrity of Shiva Murti, but not like with other modalities.

While with Shiva Murti, because you can heal and give almost ‘instant’ results people are happy to pay you $100 per session.

Do the math - you can to 4x Shiva Murti healing sessions in the same time one reiki, life coaching, hypnotherapy or NLP session would take.

In short, you could recoup your whole investment in Shiva Murti training with just 18 paid sessions!

Shiva Murti Isn’t For Everyone

Shiva Murti is for people who want to learn to heal people and be of service. 

Some of them are professional Reiki healers, nurses, acupuncturists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, therapists, personal trainers, etc. while others are people who want to learn so they can heal themselves and their families, pets and friends.

What I look for in a student is someone who will honor this lineage and origin, respect the sacredness and power and want to connect in reverence to these great energies. 

Are you one of them? We’d love to have you!

This needs to stay in the utmost integrity and this is not the right modality for people who would misuse this for their own agendas or try to change it and make it their own.


This recipe comes from a High Priest in Bali and is not meant to be exploited. 


Course Price:

$1750 Early Bird Special

$1950 Basic package

$2250 Advanced package (includes one-on-one guidance from Neil and a healing)

Payment terms:

Full payment due at signing. There is also an optional 3 installment payment plan which includes a $500 non-refundable deposit and administrative fee. 

How The Training Is Structured:

Level 1 training is typically a 7 week class that meets once a week for 2 hours. The 6 week private condensed class is similar. You will learn about Bali, the founder and master teacher Ratu Nabe and the history of this modality. 

You will learn about the different energies, the Balinese Hindu Mythology and how to make an altar. You will then learn the Sanskrit sacred chant and the entire Level 1 daily practice. 

Then you will learn how to apply this to healing including learning the test points, how to heal remotely, how to work on pets and children.

What Do You Get When You Sign Up:


This is sacred information passed down from the Master Teacher right to me and then to you. 

It is not allowed to be shared or published, however, you will receive a recording of the sacred chant for practice, a syllabus, a test point chart and photos of the energies for the altar. 

You are also eligible for the Siwa Murti Sacred Bali Training Retreat to learn directly with Ratu Nabe, be in ceremonies with him, become initiated with the energy download from him and celebrate in your Balinese graduation ceremony. After that, you are eligible for Level 2!


To see if you qualify for Shiva Murti training, please click here and book a quick call with Neil.

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