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Bali retreat

Bali Training Testimonials

Kathy W.'s experience on the Bali training. 

Heather's experience on the Bali training.

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"In May I was able to travel to Bali with other students and my teacher.  This was my first trip anywhere and one I never imagined.  I was very challenged by so many things, fears, health issues and being a very inexperienced traveler away from home for first time.


There were many tears and uncomfortable moments I had to walk through. What I was experiencing was breaking down walls I have built to protect myself. I have health issues that have prevented me from traveling and experiencing certain activities.  The love, healing  and nurturing in Bali was unlike anything I have experienced.


 Having the opportunity to study with Ratu Nabe, other students, visiting sacred spaces and feeling the Siwa Murti energy in person was truly amazing. 

I returned feeling ready to take my practice to another level.  I had the courage and confidence to add Siwa Murti to my menu of services.  My healing practice continues to expand. I continue to grow and look forward to doing my daily practice more and more each day.  


Siwa Murti has truly changed my life and has allowed me to bring greater healing to others.  I am continuing to evolve, grow and be challenged to expand in every way.  I encourage any interested in learning Siwa Murti to dive in, be prepared to change your life and the lives of others!" Jojo W., Los Angeles, CA 

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"My experience in Bali was absolutely meant to be, and my inner strength grew as my body and mind healed. I didn’t go with a clear intention besides just going, and that left me open to receive true universal gifts I didn’t know existed.


I have a new empowerment in my soul and my nervous system is steady and controllable. I am grateful every day for the Shiva Murti students, teachers, gods and guides - in all dimensions and vibrations. Matur Suksema! 


Neil Aaron was a spectator leader and guide. He made the experience flow with the rhythms to Bali while continuously sharing mystical teachings.  


Neil - thank you for your love, dedication, humor, and pushiness!! You are truly a modern mystic and I’m grateful you are my gay guru. I love you!"

Brigid M. New York, NY

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