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"The teaching of Shiva Murti is purely a gift, as each day I practice this incredible healing modality. 


This practice has helped me in many aspects of my life. With the daily practice, I have found myself to be more grounded and centered. I'm a former preschool teacher, caretaker for aging parents, mom of young twin boys (one being autistic), wife and homemaker and have found Shiva Murti as a respite. It's a permanent part of my life, allowing me time for myself while giving me an additional sense of purpose. It has always been in my nature to be a helper and now I can be a channel for healing. 


I have a skeptical husband who giggled the first time he received healing but is now convinced of this life-changing energy. He consistently supports my time to practice alone or with the community of healers. 

My children are now exposed to this way of healing and I love how accepting and open-minded they are to all kinds of possibilities. 


Finding contentment within yourself and how you can help others in small and miraculous ways is priceless!  Shiva Murti has only enriched my life and others around me." Jocelyn H., San Francisco, CA

Kathy W.'s testimonial of learning Shiva Murti

Jocelyn's testimonial of learning Shiva Murti

Haley's Testimonial of learning Shiva Murti

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"Deciding to learn Siwa Murti was something that came naturally. Following my first spot healing with Neil, I began hearing “Siwa” over and over.  I had no idea what that meant but knew I had to learn more. After taking the level one class I could feel things really shifting within me. A deeper level of healing was beginning to happen with trauma I have carried for so long. A deeper level of healing that I had no idea was even possible.  


When I began to learn and practice Siwa Murti, I saw the healing happening for others that I gave Siwa Murti too. I was able to heal my dog from a debilitating condition and continue to heal myself whenever I was not feeling well. My massage therapy and healing business continued to grow and prosper in ways I never expected. This was Siwa Murti taking care of me which I am truly grateful for. " Jojo W., Los Angeles, CA