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Ratu Nabe Shiva Murti Bali

About Ratu Nabe

Ratu Nabe is a High Preist in Bali, Indonesia. He is the founder of Siwa Murti Bali and the Master Teacher of this modality. In order to work directly with him and be initiated in Bali, one must first take the Level 1 class offered by The Shiva Murti Learning Center.

Siwa Murti Bali is more than one of the most powerful healing modalities. It is also a charity that provides food and ceremonies to the villagers of Bali.

Although going to Bali is not required to heal people using this modality, meeting and learning directly from a living Master is a once in a lifetime experience. 


The Shiva Murti Healing Class Level 1 and beyond!

What can you expect from taking this course? You will be able to heal people and animals in-person and remotely! The standard group course is 7 weeks for 2 hours a week on Zoom and sometimes offered in-person. Neil also teaches private 6 week small group or one on one classes. 

In the class, you will learn the sacred chant to connect with the universal energy laws, how to build the Kundalini fire, the entire daily practice, how to heal a person using test points and how to heal remotely with pictures, Zoom, FaceTime. And so much more!

Graduation of Level 1 qualifies you to go to Bali and learn from Ratu Nabe!

The Siwa Murti Scared Bali Retreat is a life changing experience. Neil takes you to learn first hand from High Priest Ratu Nabe in his temple and hospital, as well as going through the beautiful ceremony of initiation.

Neil teaches some one time 2 hour classes for Level 1 graduates to enhance the Shiva Murti healing experience including Advanced Tools Class, Shiva Murti Advanced Anatomy and the Shiva Murti Business Class (for people who want to build a Siwa Murti business).  Neil also teaches the literal next level experiences, Level 2, Level 3 and beyond!


If you haven't felt the power of a Shiva Murti healing and are interested in learning, please contact Neil for a complimentary healing through Zoom or FaceTime.

RAtu Nabe Bali Neil Aaron Teacher

About Neil Aaron

Neil Aaron is the Founder and Head Teacher of The Shiva Murti Learning Center. His teaching journey began in 1996 when he graduated Roger Williams University with a BA in Psychology and started teaching school children. He then went on to teach music and other subjects and then became a Shiva Murti healer in 2018. In 2020, Master Teacher and High Priest Ratu Nabe initiated him in Bali as a Gana Usadha Level 6 healer and gave permission and direction to start teaching in the United States and beyond.

Neil works directly with the founder of Shiva Murti, Ratu Nabe, and takes his students on trainings in Bali to be instructed and initiated from the source.

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