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The Siwa Murti Sacred Bali Retreat is here! I’m so excited to bring my students for this once in a lifetime experience to study with the Master Teacher and High Priest Ratu Nabe. You will study with him directly in his temple and hospital, diving deeper into your learning of this energy medicine! He will give healings to you and on a photo of a loved one.


One of the many magical moments is when we go through the sacred fountain ceremony and Ratu Nabe initiates you with the energy. We will also be part of the holy graduation ceremony and receive certification from Ratu Nabe.

We will also be receiving healings from other Balinese healers using other modalities. These healers are not available to the general public or tourists, so we are very blessed with access to them.

We will be staying in private luxury accommodations with private rooms, private bathrooms and a gorgeous pool. We will go on spiritual mind melting excursions in the inner sanctum of Bali. We will see waterfalls and visit virgin beaches. Clearly, this is an original experience you don't want to miss!

Taking the Shiva Murti Healing Course Level 1 is a prerequisite for the retreat. Level 2 students attend as well.

Retreat previous dates were May 14-23 2022. Next retreat is April 8-19 2023!!​

Click Here to see a break down on my blog of the last retreat or check out IG @shivamurtilearningcenter

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Welcome to the Siwa Murti Sacred Bali Retreat 2023. Watch as Shiva Murti healers go into the inner sanctum of Balinese culture to have an enormous spiritual experience and learn directly from Master Teacher and Founder of Siwa Murti Bali, Ratu Nabe.

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Siwa Murti Sacred Bali Retreat 2022
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