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Siwa Murti Healers’ Sacred Bali Retreat Day 3:

Our First Day with Ratu Nabe! It was such a joy and pleasure to introduce to my students the leader and Master Teacher of the Siwa Murti healing modality. Ratu Nabe’s story of how he was downloaded with the information of Siwa Murti and how to pass it on to his lineage is fascinating. The students learned all about him and his story in class one before we go to Bali, but to have the students actually meet him and start learning directly from him feels so full circle as a teacher. He is no longer just a picture to them. He is right there in front of them teaching and laughing with them.

After ceremonies, Ratu Nabe went to work on healing the students in his clinic where he treats his patients. This building is attached to the temple where we study and have ceremonies. One by one, Ratu Nabe healed the students, including Samantha. One of the presenting ailments she has is Celiac disease. Sam was sick from a cross contamination just days prior to this healing. After this healing, Sam has not only had no reactions from cross contamination, she has eaten gluten! Many times! And I have had the same experience. I was suffering from Celiac and getting horribly sick regularly from cross contaminations almost every time I ate in a restaurant. After my remote healing from Ratu Nabe, I’ve been able to eat any amount of gluten without a reaction.

In America and Western Medicine, there is no cure for Celiac disease so many discount my results from the healing I had. I hear “maybe you never were Celiac”, “maybe your body changed” and my favorite, “maybe it was all in your head the whole time”. Or maybe there’s another way to heal out there?

The miracles of Siwa Murti never stop. And being in the presence of the person who started it and has been generously sharing it with us, is a true honor.

We capped off the night eating at Clear Cafe. This place is no ordinary restaurant, it has a spa, a fire pole (which of course I slide down), a Koi pond and a staircase that feels like it's part of a tree house. We loved Clear Cafe and nourishing our bodies with the healthy and tasty items from their expansive menu.

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