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Siwa Murti Healers’ Sacred Bali Retreat Day 4:

The Bell! The Siwas! Canggu! Another big day!

Let’s start with the bell. In Bali, high priests and temple priests are able to ring the scared bell. Ratu Nabe deeply honored me by granting me special permission to ring the bell. He lent me one of his bells for practice until it was time to initiate me with my own bell. It is a high honor to have the bell and be allowed to ring it. It was great to have the students watch the teachers learn something new and make mistakes. We are students too, and it’s important to remain humble and teachable. The bell is easier than it looks, but I’m getting the hang out it. We ring it while chanting with our students during ceremonies and daily practice.

Not only did I get to practice the bell in front of the Siwa statues in the temple, I got to go in the temple! The energy is so powerful outside of the temple and as you get closer it gets more and more intense. As I’ve been initiated higher, I’ve been allowed closer. Year one, I was on the platform in front of them. Year two, I was able to be on the steps in front of them. But this year I was granted permission to go inside and touch them. The vibration was so strong. I was hoping not to pass out. These statues are more than just statues. The energy of the Siwas (or Gods) are inside of them. These statues of Siwa and Shakti are part of what we draw from during healings in Shiva Murti.

I have their pictures on my altar, but standing in front of them is a totally different experience.

Time to release some of that energy in Canggu. Canggu is a beach town with big surfing waves, stores and a cozy beach restaurant. We played in the strong waves, ate delicious food and drank coconut water from the fresh coconuts. Just another day in paradise!

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