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Siwa Murti Healers’ Sacred Bali Retreat Day 5:

The Fountains!! One of my favorite days!!

Day 5 of the retreat was spent going to Ratu Nabe’s private property for a cleansing and initiation ceremony. This property includes temples and cleansing fountains. As I entered to the music of local villagers playing Balinese instruments, I nearly dropped my bell when I saw a giant poster on the side of the temple with my face behind Ratu Nabe and his family. What an honor! And since this place is so special to me, it feels amazing to know that my picture hangs there year 'round.

The pure water comes from a rock in the ground and fills these magical fountains with different blessings. Each dragon head spout is cleansing you with a different blessing. For example, one is to remove negative energy sent to you, one is for family harmony, one is to cleanse mental stress. Ratu Nabe performs a ceremony adding blessings into the water and then we enter in our white sarongs.

I feel something different in each fountain each time I’ve been through. While last time I felt an electric shock each time it hit one of my chakras, this time was different. I felt tremendous energy and purification happening. It felt like things were easing out of my body and I was being filled with tremendous light.

After the final fountain with a blessing from Ratu Gede (the ascended master in god-like form), I exited the fountain to stand before Ratu Nabe and receive initiation. He expanded my container by adding so much more energy for healing people. It’s an indescribable experience, so I won’t try. Afterwards, his daughter, Jero Mas, performed a ceremony on me with flowers and chants. It was such an honor and gift to have both of them there to bless me. Jero Mas is a very special woman and a Siwa sister to me. Her grace and dignity comes through in everything she does.

My fellow teachers (Janelle and Jason) and I received permission to climb the stairs to another temple and connected with the energies there. After descending the staircase with the red and green serpent railings, we joined our students for the rest of the initiation ceremonies.

It was such a beautiful day for all of us and I’m extremely grateful for this magical experience. Personally, it’s quite a spiritual experience for me growing and expanding as an individual. But as a teacher, to sit side by side with my co-teachers and watch our “children” go through this initiation, it felt so complete and full circle. Having them learn this modality in class is one thing. Taking them to Bali, having them work directly with Ratu Nabe and seeing them initiated in the fountains is truly one of the highlights of my life. I felt so overwhelmed with joy and abundance that day, I didn’t know it could get better. And then it did.

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