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Siwa Murti Healers’ Sacred Bali Retreat Day 6:

Gana Bala! Jaya! Jaya! Jaya!

On day 6, Ratu Nabe invited us to his temple and training grounds of the Gana Bala. Gana Bala is a martial arts that uses the Kundalini energy for protection. The Gana Bala are our Siwa Murti brother and sister healers who practice this kind of martial arts, showing us just how powerful the kundalini energy is. When using the “lock” we use during our daily practice and healings, the Gana Bala can form a barrier of protection that no one can penetrate. You have to see it to believe it. It reminds me of a Marvel movie. Truly mind bending.

We had a wonderful day watching the Gana Bala train, meeting our brothers and sisters and participating in exercises. Powerful indeed.

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