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Siwa Murti Healers’ Sacred Bali Retreat Day 7:

Meanwhile, back at the temple…

Day 7 had us back at the temple for final teachings and tests before graduation. As our students practiced and were tested on their chants and energy, the three teachers were taught in front of the Siwas a special secret sacred ancient teaching. After we practiced it for a while, Ratu Nabe initiated us with the energy, locking it inside us to access. So powerful! It feels incredibly surreal to be learning directly from Master Teacher Ratu Nabe in front of the Siwas in the temple. I am grateful beyond measure.

I am so incredibly proud of our students for passing their tests with flying colors and showing Ratu Nabe how much “fire” they have. These students continually impress me with their dedication, reverence, joy, openness and bravery.

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