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Siwa Murti Healers’ Sacred Bali Retreat Day 8:


Ratu Nabe was so generous with his time and invited us to another of his other temples for some pre-graduation ceremonies. All the top ranking officials of the village came out, as did the high priests, temple priests, musicians and all of Ratu Nabe’s family members. It was a huge celebration!

My co-teachers and I were initiated again into a higher level, and so were our students. Back at Ratu Nabe's main temple, we received our diplomas and participated in many ceremonies. We were then treated to ongoing music, dancing and the Barong. The Barong in Bali culture is a giant masked puppet-like creature who comes out in times of celebration. He is the symbol of health and good fortune.

We feasted and danced and celebrated with our Bali Siwa Murti brothers and sisters as well as the rest of the crowd. Such a loving and touching event and we were all so truly honored.

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