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Siwa Murti Healers’ Sacred Bali Retreat Day 9:

We ended the trip the same way we started the trip. Celebrating the 3 elements of water, fire and love.

Water: First stop, the Kanto Lampo waterfall! Oh, how I love this place and all the rushing and cascading waterfalls. Sitting on the big black rocks as the water rushes through you is a sensation I will never forget. My students and I basked in the glory of these waters and played like children in the falls. It was so refreshing and releasing to be in pure joy at the Kanto Lampo waterfalls.

Fire: After a delicious early dinner at a restaurant next to the Sacred Monkey Forest (with a few monkey visitors around), we went to the great healer Ketut for an Agni Hotra ceremony. This is a traditional Balinese fire ceremony for cleansing and for creating a healthy life. Ketut was masterful as our shaman guiding us through this beautiful ceremony.

Love: We had a closing out circle on the roof of our private resort to share what we learned, how we grew and our gratitude to this opportunity. With each person’s expressions off feelings, it felt like a full circle moment to realize what this retreat meant to people and how it changed their lives. And how it changed mine. All the planning and hard work was paid off by seeing the experiences through the eyes of my students and by all I learned by being a student myself. The love was real and the connection was deep.

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